1) Background check.


Hometown: Mexico City

Age: 30 

Zodiac Sign: Taurus 

Places where you've lived: Barcelona, NYC, London, Toronto, Stanstead (a small town very close to Montreal) and Mexico City. 

What you like to eat: Pasta, Bowls, Fruit (especially mango and mamey).   


Hometown: Mexico City

Age: 31 

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Places where you've lived: Hamburg, London, Toronto, and Mexico City. 

What you like to eat: Vegan Bowls, Vegan Portobello Hamburgers, Avocado Toast, Mangos and Bananas, Smoothies and Shakes.


2) How would you describe your aesthetics in photography, and who/where do you get most of your inspiration from?

Ana: I'm a super visual person. I get inspired by feelings, colors, light, movies. Just anywhere you look, if you really take it in and are present, can be super inspiring.  

Daniel: I like odd compositions. I’m usually drawn to photos that are somehow rough around the edges and not too typical. I don’t like perfect HD stuff, and would not photograph a sunset straight on. Im usually pointing my camera the other way when the sun is coming down.


3) Are you currently working on any particular projects?

Ana: I am working on an upcoming collaboration with AnyoneGirl and my friend and Jewelry designer Alexa De La Cruz. 

Daniel: Aside from working with Ana in fashion, lifestyle and travel photography, I co-founded Aire Libre, a creative running collective that focuses on creating running expeditions that allow us to connect deeper with Mexico's and Latin American indigenous communities and with nature. I produce inspirational content and short documentaries for this project, that highlight the value of ancestral knowledge, physical activity and spirituality. We have also created a series of travel experiences that are ope to the public, with the goal of getting people closer to these values.


4) Where has been your favorite location to shoot and why?

Ana: I really enjoyed shooting during a road trip we did through Baja California Sur. The landscape is beautiful and calming and you are driving next to the ocean, the weather is perfect, you are camping under the stars. It´s a magical place.  

Dan: Viñales in Cuba. We decided to stay out for the whole day shooting and talking to the people we met. This place is beautiful and full of friendly and interesting characters. I remember Ana and I being super excited by the incredible color combinations we found in this town.


5) What do you enjoy doing when you're not taking photos?

Ana: Reading, cooking, going to see a good film, dancing

Dan: Making music, Cooking, Reading, Dinner with friends, Watching Movies and having breakfast (by far my favorite meal of the day)


6) What is your biggest challenge today in the photography industry?

Ana: The fact that there is so many photographers nowadays and everyone is fighting for screen time. There is so much visual information out there, it just becomes very overwhelming at times.

Daniel: Keeping up with social media. I feel like I constantly fall behind on my Instagram. As a photographer you have to be posting constantly, if not it looks like you're not working. I hardly find time and inspiration to post on Instagram, I'm usually working with little time to focus on this. 


7) Music! Name your favorite tracks on your recent playlist.

Ana: Dreams and Landslide by Fleetwood Mac, California by Joni Mitchell, Ojos del Sol by Y La Bamba. 

Daniel: It Takes a Muscle by Spectral Display, Normalizo by Letta Mbulu and Shintaro Sakamoto's How to live with a Phantom full album.


8) What has been your greatest accomplishment in your careers as photographers?

Ana: Traveling to incredible places and getting to work with Dan while doing so. 

DanielBeing able to make a good living out of something I'm super passionate about with someone I love. Photography has allowed me to travel, meet amazing people and be my own boss. It has opened a lot of doors into amazing worlds and projects. And most importantly I've been able to do most of this next to Ana.


9) If you could photograph or collaborate with any person in the world, who would it be and why?

Ana: Tilda Swinton. She's just insanely beautiful and has the most incredible face. I feel like she would be an amazing person to collaborate with as she gives so much of herself in every image that is taken of her. 

DanI’d love to work with WSJ. Mag at some point. I love the photographers they work with and the approach to their subjects and assignments.


10) If photography was not your calling, what other career would you choose and why?

Ana: I'd be working in Holistic Nutrition. I've always had a dream of having a farm and cooking and being surrounded by nature. Maybe sometime in the near future ;) 

DanEither Chef or Musician. I love the feeling of creating something out of feeling and passion. I’ve been making music since Im very young and cooking has always been a hidden passion of mine. 


11) Share one of your favorite photographs you've taken. Tell us why it's one of your favorites. 

Ana: I really love an image I took of two boys in Viñales, Cuba. One of them had a lime in his hand and as I was about to snap the photo, he put it into his mouth. When the subject does something unexpected and it becomes a collaboration between the photographer and the subject it's just a super rare and special moment. You pray for moments like these. 

Dan: The image of a Cuarz Cross inside a Classic Chevrolet with green interiors I took in Presidio, Texas. This was taken on a trip along the US-Mexico Border after Trump's election. I am usually drawn to pictures with meaning that transcends what is shown on the picture. The simpler the picture and the deeper the meaning, the better. Religious symbols are usually found in cars, cabs and trucks around Mexico. They are used for protection and are symbols of hope and prosperity. Trump’s newly enforced immigration policies brought up a lot of worry amongst Mexicans living in the US and this picture, for me, symbolizes this struggle in a very subtle way.


12) Name your spirit animals. 

Ana: Otter 

Dan: Moose


To see more of their work visit klinckwort-laframboise.com